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                                                                     Guided Meditations


The following guided meditations begin and end with the sound of the bell. They can be stand alone practices or introductions to longer periods of sitting.


To begin seated meditation practice there is a process of arriving and centering. With awareness and kindness toward your body and mind choose a sitting posture that feels comfortable. You may sit on the earth using cushions or blankets for support or you may sit in a chair with your feet resting on the floor.


Two important elements underlie the elegant alignment of spinal position and energy : elongation and balance.

The spine is centered into a structurally sound line maintaining its natural curves with the weight of the body distributed around it. This posture creates a balanced pattern in which gravity, and not muscular tension, is the primary influence. The internal architecture provides structure and stability upon which the softness of the body can relax and encourages an expansive inner landscape and view. You are seated with steadiness and ease simultaneously.


If you experience discomfort due to a condition, constraint or the length of time in the posture simply modify as necessary, or use props such as pillows or blankets to help achieve comfort.


May these words and sounds help you to be liberated from suffering.

May you be healed and protected.

May you feel embraced in love and peace.

May you find freedom and ease on your path into more luminous realms.

Conscious Breathing Meditation
00:00 / 08:31
Pacifying the Mind in 5 Stages
00:00 / 09:37
Strength, Compassion, Wisdom
00:00 / 13:02
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