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Retreats provide refuge and spiritual shelter. Time spent in nature, practice and study seeds the possibilities of healing and enlivening the body and her energies, softening or even dissolving stress and tensions, calming and concentrating the mind and awakening awareness.


Physical, mental and spiritual wisdom create resources that can be used daily. Like a tool kit or medicine bag, we acquire practices that become 

familiar, helpful, reliable and easily accessible. Resilience grows strong and steady regardless of the changing conditions of life.


Spirit of Retreat

At Taos Yoga Retreat vast views extend in all directions. The yoga studio and casita, with thick adobe walls, are inner sanctuaries of sacred space. The day and night sky are equally awe inspiring. Within this enchanted place there is the invitation to slow down, to observe, to awaken and transform.

The intention of retreat can be directed toward a specific quality or type of practice you wish to explore or deepen. Retreat can also be more broadly intended to experience the conditions that provide the time and space

for renewed insight and well being.


Private, semi private and small group retreats are options.


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